Therien Martial Arts & Fitness Centre Chesterville

Therien Martial Arts & Fitness Centre in Chesterville is one of many Therien Martial Arts schools across Eastern Ontario and a member of the World Kobudo Federation.  Lead by world-renown instructor, Kyoshi Norm Beauchamp, the school has been operating in the community since 1993 and has since produced over 20 black belts, as well as a number of successful amateur kickboxers.

Therien Martial Arts offers jiu-jitsu (self-defence), kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ)  and personal fitness to people of all ages and all skill levels.  We provide a friendly and positive atmosphere where you and your family learn and excel at your own pace.  Classes are energetic, challenging and social all at the same time.  Check out our schedule and contact us today to learn more about our introductory offer including 3 private classes!


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