Newsletter January/February 2016

Newsletter January/February 2016

Well into the New Year we have already been working on the upcoming events for all students.  These training events are put on by various schools bringing in numerous great instructors to better their martial art skills and give students also the opportunity to train in different martial arts styles.  When students participate in various seminars they enhance their own skills and have fun at the same time.  We have put together a Parents Committee (volunteer parents who are in charge of fundraising).  We have come up with numerous fundraising ideas to help financially students who would like to take part in these events.  Students that would like to receive help from the committee are asked to help with fundraising events.    One of the next fundraising events will be the train-a-thon where the committee will supply the lunch and snacks for all participants and spectators.  Any- one interested in helping with this or if you would like information regarding this committee is asked to speak with Renshi Carol or ask Angela Buckle (secretary), behind the desk.

Brown Belt Testing:  Saturday February 20th we will be having Brown Belt review

Black Belt Class:  Sunday February 21st will be the next Black Belt Class

8 hr. Train-a-thon-  Chesterville Train-a-thon Saturday March 12t  9:00am-5:00pm.We are bringing in a number of instructors to give the students an opportunity to do some great martial arts training.  Cost of the training is $25.00 ea.. The parents committee will be putting on a lunch offering snacks during the training for all students and spectators.  Student’s wishing to raise money for the up and coming seminars are able to collect sponsors either paid by the hour or a set pledge.  All money collected will be used for the student’s expenses for the up and coming seminars.

Quebec BudoFest VI  April 9 & 10 in Quebec City:  BudoFest is a yearly event that brings in some of the best martial arts instructors.  Budofest is a great venue which is always very well run.  Fantastic location for the entire family and very reasonably priced. This is a great opportunity for martial arts training of all kinds for all students.


   If you have any questions or concerns please speak with Renshi Carol or call                 613-448-1233 ….Thank-you!!! Make sure you are a member of our members only Therien Chesterville FaceBook!!