November 2014 Newsletter!!

November Newsletter
Welcome to November…Fall is in the air… where did October go anyways!!
Welcome– We would like to welcome all the new families that are now joining our Martial arts family in Chesterville. We have a number of new white belts that with persistence and goals will eventually reach their goal one belt at a time. We hope that you enjoy the positive rewards of your Martial Arts experience here in Chesterville.
Black Belt Testing– There will be Black Belt testing November 15th in Gatineau. Sean Arel and Ashley Johnson will be going for their Black Belt at this time. We hope to have members from Chesterville out to cheer them on and give them the support they need to reach their goal.
Congratulations to Paul Norman who once again has retained his Inter Provincial Kick-Boxing Championship. Into the 2nd round Paul was able to finish off the fight with TKO!!
Capital conquest– was a success having numerous Chesterville students participating in a weekend of Martial Arts seminars from some of the best Martial Artists from all around the World. We were very privileged to have not 1 but 3 of our Chesterville Instructors teaching this year at Capital conquest it was quite a privilege to be ask to teach amongst such gifted instructors.
Congratulations to our members who have recently earned their next belt level. Yellow Belt (Goals) Evan Poirier , Orange Belt (Self-Discipline)Adam Dillon, Greg Lackey, David Druce, Janice Larose, Green Belt (Persistence) Laura Skov.
NewLook Budo Fest V- March 21-22 2015 …save the date. If you enjoyed Capital Conquest or if you haven’t had the opportunity to join us for one of the awesome Martial Arts Seminars brought to you by World Kubudo put this one on the calendar now!! Budofest V if its anything like previous years experiences you will love this great Martial Arts Event!!
Happy Birthday– We would like to wish the following students Happy Birthday this month Ron Ferland, Stephanie Miles, Renshi Carol, 14th, Lorna Doolan 19th and Sean Arel 23rd.
Have a great day!!!
If you have any questions or concerns please speak to Kyoshi Norm or Renshi Carol or call at 613-448-1233.