Personal Fitness

Therien Martial Arts and Fitness Centre offers a wide range of personal fitness classes to fit your schedule and help you meet your personal goals. All classes are developed by Certified Personal Trainers and led in a way that allows you to go at your own pace – after all, your fitness is all about you!  Check out our programs below:

Boot Camp

The perfect way to end a long day, Boot Camp is a full body workout packed with exercises, stretching and drills.  Instructors work hard to ensure workouts every workout is different, challenging and interesting.  Our classes are designed for success and each class members are able to go at their own pace and different weights and exercises are set out for varying fitness levels.  This class is great for anybody looking to improve their cardio or muscle strength.  Give us a call today  to find out how you can egin your fitness program that is guaranteed to be a positive fitness experience!

Circuit Training

This after school workout was originally designed to fit a teacher’s schedule and quickly developed into something for everyone. Come in and get a complete workout throughout different stations. Every class is different with new and interesting circuits to try. The class is always created and monitored by a certified fitness instructor.

Seniors’/Beginners’ Fitness

Senior and Beginner Fitness is similar to all of our other fitness programs, but on a lighter scale. Classes consist of cardio, resistance training and chair workouts. Like all of our other fitness classes, you go through the workouts at your own pace and your certified fitness instructor will help you modify all exercises to suit you. This class is perfect for anyone wanting to get in shape but looking to start slow or dealing with physical limitations that may require a more customized workout.

Personal Training

Looking for 1-on-1 attention to meet your personal fitness goals.  Get in touch with us and book your private session today.  Your personal trainer will work with you to develop a program unique to you, around your schedule.